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Dr. Waheed Khan (Nuclear physicist)
Dr. David Gosling (University of Cambridge)
Dr. Mikhail Kievets (Senior Research Assistant)
Dr Giorgio Maria Giacomelli (Emeritus Professor of Physics)
Dr. Robin Brooke Smith (Director Creative Consulting Group UK)
Siegfried Nolze (Edexcel & Ofqual Consultant)
Lord Qurban Hussain (Member of Parliament UK)
Keith Madeley (Chairman Yorkshire Society UK)
Virendra Sharma (Member of Parliament UK)
Sayyed Z.A.Jilani (Chairman NRI-Council UK)
Elenor Smith (President of UNISON)
Imran S Afzal (Barrister)
Cranford College (London)
Cranford in Community
Cranford School of IT
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